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The Panoramics

 Modern Wedding Band

The Panoramics are a band first, and a wedding band second.  This means that the music at your wedding will be delivered with an energy and enthusiasm that's utterly genuine.  When you book The Panormamics, you get the same great lineup, the same great sounds, and the same full dance floor - every time!

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On Sunday the 22nd of Feb 2015 in Brady's Inn Castleknock at 7pm.  Come and see a wedding band for hire where we will be happy to talk through all of your wedding music requirements.



Set List

Set List



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Best Wedding band in Dublin Testimonials

Best Wedding band in Dublin Testimonials

Pre Dinner Music

Pre Dinner Music

Contemporary Wedding Band in Ireland

The Panoramics are have been playing together for almost 10 years.  This means we've developed a sound that's focused and exciting, a sound that can't easily be reproduced.  We come to every gig with energy that lifts the audience and without fail gets everyone on the dance floor.  Come to one of our gigs for a sample of what you can expect from us.

Experienced Wedding Band in Dublin & Throughout Ireland

We are a member of the Wedding Band Association of Ireland.  This membership ensures that you will always have the same band playing your gig which is the most important quality control issue for Irish Wedding Bands.

We have hundreds of wedding band testimonials from Dublin and all over Ireland.  Read more about it in our Testimonial Section.