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Are the band you book the band you'll get?

jesse booth

Set up and ready to go!

Set up and ready to go!

Great, you have gone to various showcases and found a band that you like! Your search for a band is now over. But hang on, the band you booked are not the band that show up at your wedding! Crash, boom, bang! Now before we go any further, musicians are subject to getting sick, therefore it might be the case that one member can not make it, we all get sick right? But not the whole band!! In the case that a completely different band turns up on one of the biggest nights of your life, well, this is simply inexcusable!

Some booking co-ordinators run an empire of bands using the same band name, WHAT??? An empire of bands with the same band name. how does this work??? Very simple, you view the band at a showcase, you like the singer and the band, then you book. Great, but would you be happy if only the singer that you picked at the showcase turned up on the night with a completely different band? Or would you even remember what the band looked like on the day of the showcase? And guess what, the same band name you booked at the showcase are playing at various other weddings around the country on the same night. Not that special after all!

The Panoramics wedding band and a lot of the other professional top wedding bands in Ireland have had the same core band members from the beginning. Now musicians come and go, but a group of musicians that turn up at your wedding that never met each other before can only mean one thing! Disaster!!

Does this really happen? YES it does.

Something to think about

“A thrown together band can ruin a wedding, a band that always play together will fill your dance floor and provide you with the service thats expected from all real professional wedding bands”